Can I make it?

Can I make it to the spring, the joy, the possibility of Easter?

Can I pull it off?

Can I endure the hot breath in the cold air? Can I breathe against the latest surge?

And if I have? Can I endure for the long haul?

I would love to tell you about the marathons I’ve run, or the climbs I’ve summitted. I seethat for m yself—and for you!—but it hasn’t happened yet. This achievement beckons but hasn’t landed quite yet.

I don’t know about you, but for me? It’s like I’m gazing at a long, long road. A long road with lanes to change and a pace to set with a destination I’m not yet sure of.

But here is what I do know:

I will not be on the road alone. I do not know precisely where I’m headed. I am towing a heavy load. And, as this is a spiritual journey invited by our God: I will have everything required to reach my destination.

Lent invites a spiritual journey on a finite course. Lent says: you’re beginning in one place, and, with the help of God, you will reach another. 2022 says: yes, I see you, and I raise you another breath.

In this devotional series, we invite you to take that breath. We invite you to understand that breath is a gift. We invite you to embark on the road before you and to know that what is asked of you will be met. The Holy Spirit is your companion on this journey. And so are we.

Stay with it for the long haul. Seek out and recognize your companions for the trip. Know God to be with you. May these devotionals help.